Process Plant

Modern machinery in any process industry must be reliable but at the same time flexible to provide the most cost effective overall plant. Process systems are normally looking for robust solutions with the longest time between overhauls and with minimum interruptions to service; dual drives with SSS Clutches are often chosen to achieve this. Most process dual drives are based on Pumps, Fans or Compressors but the same philosophy is adopted for extruders, blowers and in principle any other rotating machinery.

The beauty of the SSS principle is that it is equally suitable for high torque and/or high speed applications.  SSS uses the knowledge gained in 300MW power generation drives as well as in the less controlled marine environment to produce a product which is engineered to work reliably with negligible maintenance for decades of service.

SSS offers low cost standardised solutions, often available from stock, which can be dropped in to an existing arrangement;  as well as our well known fully bespoke arrangements starting with a blank design sheet or the unmatched SSS experience list…

  • Flexibility
  • Startup/Shutdown
  • Starter/Helper
  • Energy recovery/Efficiency
  • Reliability/Redundancy
  • Maintainability