SSS Clutches are selected for marine propulsion to give automatic changeovers between multiple engines in various propulsion systems.  SSS Clutches already have several thousand marine propulsion references.  The driving machinery includes steam and gas turbines, diesel engines and electric motors.  Fluid coupling experience exists for reversing / aft manouevres.  Propulsion schemes include** COSOS, COSAS, COGOG, COGAG, CODAG, CODOG, CODELOG and CODELAG with controllable pitch propellors, fixed pitch propellors and pump jet propulsors.

In general, SSS Clutches are added to marine propulsion systems to provide...

US Navy Arleigh Burke Destroyer with gas turbine propulsion including SSS Clutches.

  • Simplified / automated operation
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Redundancy
  • Fast Response
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Energy recovery

SSS Clutches are also used for marine gas turbine starting and turning systems.

SSS Clutch lock-in and lock-out is available as well as baulked mechanical safety protection against incorrect operation.

**Glossary of terms:

COSOS - COmbined Steam OSteam turbines

COSAS - COmbined Steam And Steam turbines

COGOG - COmbined Gas OGas turbines

COGAG - COmbined Gas And Gas turbines

A Maersk line refridgerated container vessel with SSS Clutches in the power generation system.

CODAG - COmbined Diesel Engine And Gas turbines

CODOG - COmbined Diesel Engine OGas turbines

CODELOG - COmbined Diesel Electric Motor OGas turbines

CODELAG - COmbined Diesel Electric Motor And Gas turbines