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Since its original specification for marine naval propulsion 1959, SSS Clutches total more than 5,000 marine propulsion references across 40 different world navies in COSOS, COSAS, COSAG, COGAG, CODAG, COGOG and CODOG propulsion applications.

Other marine propulsion references include fast ferries, super yachts and special service vessels including that of Destriero, former holder of the Hales Trophy (see also Blue Ribband).

The original hybrid propulsion ship “Finnjet” used SSS Clutches both in her original gas turbine COGAG and revised hybrid diesel-electric and gas turbine CODELAG propulsion trains. Equally, the world’s first hybrid electric warship, the Royal Navy’s Type 23 “Duke Class” frigates, used SSS Clutches on the main propellor shaft line to optimise anti-submarine operation.

SSS Clutch reliability starts with detailed attention to design, providing robust and reliable solutions for every operating condition. SSS Clutches remain the only overrunning clutch which:

  • Cushion engagement / disengagement with a dashpot.
  • Mechanically protect the lockout mechanism with a “baulk” feature.
  • Have marine propulsion references exceeding 80,000 Nm in torque, up to 950,000 Nm.
  • Are independently rated by the US Navy at 250,000 hours minimum MTBF, across all 1,000 SSS Clutches which the USN operate.
  • Received a ‘fit and forget” rating from the UK MOD after nearly 30 years of defect free use within the Type 23 Frigate.

Glossary of terms:

COSOS COmbined Steam Or Steam turbines
COSAS COmbined Steam And Steam turbines
COGOG COmbined Gas Or Gas turbines
COGAG COmbined Gas And Gas turbines
CODAG COmbined Diesel Engine And Gas turbines
CODOG COmbined Diesel Engine Or Gas turbines
CODELOG COmbined Diesel Electric Motor Or Gas turbines
CODELAG COmbined Diesel Electric Motor And Gas turbines