Auxiliary Drive

Over 40,000 SSS Clutches have been supplied for auxiliary drives both for turning devices and for starting drives for Gas Turbines. Clutches have been supplied for machines ranging from 100 kW gas turbines to steam turbo-generators transmitting over 1,500 MW.

A large SSS Turning Gear Clutch (pinion type) incorporated in a package with a 140MW SSS Clutch in a Gas Turbine generator set.

Various driving machines can be used, including electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motors. SSS Clutches can be supplied for fitting on the turbine or within a gearbox or in their own casing. SSS Clutch designs can be choosen to accommodate radial misalignment or axial movement of the machinery shafts.

The Clutches are extremely reliable and will normally exceed the lifetime of the machinery train.

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    Turning Gear

    SSS clutches provide an on-the-fly, zero friction solution that separates the turning drive from the main drive.

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    GT starting

    The versatile configuration options for SSS clutches make them suitable for use with Gas Turbine (GT) starters driven by electric or hydraulic motors, steam turbines, diesel engines etc.

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    Replacement for Jaw Clutches

    The SSS Clutch can directly replace a Jaw Clutch. It engages the instant the starter tries to overtake a gas turbine (GT) whether the GT is rotating or stationary. It will also automatically disengage the instant the GT speeds up relative to the starter.

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    Pinion Turning Gear Clutch

    The SSS Pinion Clutch is a mechanical turning gear, designed to meet the requirements of machinery where a shaft-end is not available and, therefore, an in-line turning gear drive and SSS Turning Gear Clutch cannot be fitted.

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    Generator/Motor Synchronising

    SSS Clutches can be used to engage/disengage auxiliary drives to run generators or large motorsĀ up to speed so that they can be connected to the grid.

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    Marine Starters

    The Size 45T SSS Clutch is used as a replacement for the previous unreliable sprag clutch on the Air Starter for a Gas Turbine Generator set. The clutch output bolts directly to the gearbox high speed pinion shaft, and the air starter is mounted to the input side of the clutch by the existing Marmon Clamp.