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Buying a reliable product that will last the life of your plant system is important but it is equally important that after many years of fit and forget operation you can still receive support when you need it. SSS is always here and supports every SSS Clutch that we have ever made.

This means that not only do we have the original build records and any service records (normally none!) of all the 45000 clutches we have ever made in our 70 years of existence but we also have continuity of staff so that we may well remember your clutch!

We can still make spare parts for any of them and we won’t overcharge you. We are proud that we don’t consider service an opportunity to make large profits but rather that service is a service which when carried out reasonably will encourage customers back to adopt SSS on new machines and ensure the on-going success of our business. If you ask us for spare parts or service work we will often ask you ‘why?'.

It is this attitude and the reliability of the SSS Clutch that means that we work by two catchphrases when it comes to spares and service:-

  • Fit and Forget
  • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it