Power Systems

Pumped Air Storage

Pumped Air Storage, also known as Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), is similar to pumped hydro plant, but, instead of pumping water uphill, CAES stores energy as compressed air.

The process uses excess electricity in periods of low demand to drive a compressor to store the energy.

During periods of peak demand, when electricity is required, the compressed air is expanded in an expansion turbine, optionally with additional gas combustion, to drive the same motor/generator to generate electricity.

The SSS Clutches allow the use of a single motor/generator for both the compression and generation, which achieves…

  • Simple Compressor starting using the expansion turbine.
  • Reduced plant costs and footprint due to a single motor/generator and transformer etc.
  • The ability to use the generator as a stand alone synchronous machine for grid support.